Language and Linguistics

Details : Ethnologue

Online database of information about the world's thousands of languages. Includes alternate names, number of... | Details
Details : iLoveLanguages

Directory of online resources for linguistics and language studies. Find online language lessons, translating... | Details
Details : WordNet

Online lexical reference system and thesaurus, designed to organize English words into synonym sets, each... | Details
Details : Linguist List
Linguist List

Dedicated to providing information on language and language analysis. Maintained by linguistics professors and... | Details
Details : Global Language Monitor
Global Language Monitor

Monitors the latest trends in the evolution and demise of languages, word usage, and word choices worldwide. Includes... | Details
Details : Metaphor Project
Metaphor Project

Project aiming to build a collection of metaphors and analogies that English teachers can use to explain processes... | Details
Details : Spanish Translators Forum
Spanish Translators Forum

Public Spanish translation forum where all translators can interact and help each other with translations between... | Details
Details : Rockle Lingomigo
Rockle Lingomigo

Language learning through email and chat exchanges. Users with complementary language skills are matched to help them... | Details
Details : Language Conferences Worldwide
Language Conferences Worldwide

Lists upcoming events in language, linguistics, speech and hearning therapy, translation, TESOL, and related fields. | Details
Details : Expolingua Berlin
Expolingua Berlin

Annual international fair for languages and cultures, exhibitors from more than 120 countries from all over the world | Details
Details : Languages and the Media
Languages and the Media

Conference and exhibition on the role of languages in the media landscape. | Details